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Can we accept that...?

We’re all a bit messed up in our own quirky ways. We are all weird somehow.

According to today's standards of "normal."


Deep down, we just want to be loved, be heard, be seen, feel respected,

and given the chance to live with dignity.

We're all in need of some serious healing. Like, we're starving for it. We're all asking for help in some way, even when most people don’t want to hear the call. Even if some of us try to play it cool and act like we're good on our own.

While we share common needs, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the injustices and oppressions we face are not experienced equally by everyone. The barriers and challenges vary greatly among us, influenced by our backgrounds and identities.

What do we need to do to break down and accept ourselves for who we truly are?

How far do we have to go?

We gotta embrace the fact that we're beautiful, vulnerable, and perfectly imperfect beings.

We are gorgeous, divine by naturewe are nature. We're just humans.

We have an amazing body, our built-in equipment, our inner technology is too powerful,

and sometimes we're scared of our own potential. 

We need to self-actualize; we need to heal, awaken, and upgrade the beliefs on which we are running.

Our beings are so wise that, deep inside, we all know what is needed.

We need to pause and listen, pay attention, and be aware of what resonates within us, what calls to us.

That is what you need.

We need to commit to going deeper, be willing to change, and be open.

And recognize that we all have fears, and not let them lead our lives. Life is yours to live.

Be willing to live in love, not in fear; to live courageously, not hiding our shadows.

It is possible if we respect each other; we are here, all going through the same yet uniquely different journeys.

We are all in this together. We are all equally human and uniquely different at the same time.

a woman holding the New Begining Flag

Let’s imagine a new world and build it. Let’s fly new flags.

Today is a New Beginning if we want to wake up to it.

It is your choice, it’s up to us!

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